4 Ways To Explode Your Email List



Have you ever found someone who doesn’t love free stuff? Yeah, me either. 

Everyone loves free stuff. Take the time to create valuable content to offer to your community for free and they’ll grow to love you. Although you won’t be making money off of this content, it will help you down the road — trust me. 

In order for someone to want to buy something from you, they need to know your brand, like it and trust it. The best way for this to happen is to put out amazing content— for free, that will keep them coming back. If they like what you’re saying, they are going to want to hear more.

The idea is to think about the people you want to attract and then find ways to help them. One of the best ways to build trust, is by helping to solve their problems. With every piece of information you put out, be sure to ask yourself “is this solving a problem?”

If you’re a a nutritionist, think about what your ideal client would be struggling with. Are they trying to loose weight? Offer them some tips or recipes on how to do so. 

Here are 4 different ways you can use content to help grow your email list. 

1. E-Book download

The thought of creating an ebook might sound overwhelming, but you don’t need to create a 100+ page book in order for it to be considered an ebook. Around 10-20 pages of valuable content will do. 

Let’s use nutrition as an example. You might want to offer a e-book of healthy recipes if you feel these recipes will be beneficial to the community you are building. Once you have this e-book created, all you have to do is spend time promoting it and watch your email list grow and grow.

Using your personal website, your social media accounts and even social media ads, you’ll be able to tell people how valuable it is and that you’re giving it away fo’ free. 


2. Opt-in freebies 


For every blog post you have on your website, take the time to create a checklist, guide, cheatsheet, or any other helpful document that goes along with the content you are writing about. Then, you can include a graphic within your post and at the end of the post that tells your community, “hey, I have a free download to sum up everything I just wrote about.” 

Like this one right here ;)

4 ways to grow email list.jpg

If they like what you’re writing about, 9 times out of 10 they are going to enter in their email address in order to download the freebie. 


3. Host a free webinar

This is a good way to engage with your community in real time. You can talk about any topic in your niche and hear from your community to see what they have to say and what types of questions they have. This is great for building up your credibility and your audience.

With all of the questions asked throughout your webinar, you can repurpose them into blog posts, free mini-courses, or even a paid e-course. Webinars are excellent for tapping into the community and getting genuine feedback.


4. Create a free e-course 

Who doesn’t love to learn new information about the things they are interested in? Choose a topic that your community is super interested in and start preparing a mini-course that will give them all the deets on that topic. If you’re a nutritionist and want to share some tips with your community to get them engaged and coming back to your site, you’re going to want to show off your knowledge. 

Definitely don’t give away all of your secrets, but give out tips and valuable information that will get people to build trust in you about the topic. Once you build this trust, they will keep coming back and eventually you can offer them other things, such as paid products ;)

Here’s my freebie for you for you, enjoy ;)

4 ways to grow email list.jpg