How to Tag Subscribers In SquareSpace for MailChimp


Are you like me and thought you had to create multiple lists in order to know where your subscribers were coming from?

With all the different opt-in incentives, it can be hard to keep track of where they are all coming from.

With Squarespace, there’s a way to add a hidden tag to your forms so that when the email subscriber information is imported into Mailchimp it will show the tag you created. You can then organize your list into segments so you can target a certain segment for a specific campaign.

For example, you have 2 lead magnets for 2 different products along with your newsletter sign-up form. You want to know where they all came from without having 3 different lists and you don't want to have them all on the same list and not be able to target specific subscribers.

You want all of your subscribers to get your weekly newsletter, but let’s say lead magnet one is for an email marketing course and lead magnet 2 if for a Pinterest course — you’re going to want to have each go through their own sales funnel.

With this tag in SquareSpace, you can include the hidden tag “email marketing course” to the opt-in form so that when it’s imported to Mailchimp you now know who is interested in that course. You can then set up your campaign that will only go to subscribers with that tag.

Same will be done for lead magnet two and for any other tags you create. All the emails will be on one master list which you can then send your weekly newsletter and any other emails that are not specific to a lead magnet.


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