3 Tips To Skyrocket your Traffic On Pinterest


I bet the first thing you think of when you hear Pinterest is do it yourself projects and endless amount of recipes. Pinterest does have all that, but it’s WAY more powerful than just having that information.

Pinterest is a utilized as search engine, like Google, rather than as a social media platform. People are in Pinterest using keywords in order to search for the perfect guide, tutorial, article, etc. so once you start implementing some simple strategies, Pinterest can become your lead source of traffic to your website.

What strategies should you use to up your traffic from Pinterest? Don’t worry, I got you covered.


Use SEO to optimize your pins and boards

You don’t need to have much experience when it comes to SEO. All you need to do is think about what people are putting into the search bar in order to find what they’re looking for. If you were trying to find information on building an email list, you would probably look up words such as:

“How to build an email list”

“Email list building strategies”

"Tips to grow your email list"

The key is to put these keywords that your audience is using into your pin descriptions. Everytime you create a new pin for your content, don’t skip over the description section. This section is what’s going to put your pin in front of the people you want on your website.

The same strategy should be used for your boards. Each board should have a keyword rich description so that it will rank higher. Just like Google, Pinterest has its own ranking system for pins so you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to best optimize your content. Take the time to craft 2-3 sentences that include your keywords and you'll allow Pinterest to rank your pin higher. 

Tip: Long-tail keywords work better. A long-tail keyword is a string of keywords such as “email list building strategies” rather than just using “email list.”


Clean Up Your Boards

When you’re using Pinterest as a source of traffic for your business, your presentation is key. When someone lands on your Pinterest profile, you don’t want them to get the wrong idea when they see a board with recipes, another board with DIY projects and a few boards that are related to your business.

You want to remove any boards that do not relate to your business. If my business focuses on email marketing, there shouldn’t be any boards about fitness there. Now I totally understand we all have other interests outside of what our businesses are about, so all you need to do is set the irrelevant boards to secret so only you will be able to see them and not your business audience.

My tip is to aim for 10-15 boards of relatable topics to your business to make your profile one that others will want to follow. You want to pin quality content so that it makes your profile attractive to your audience. Also, have one board that is soley your content and then repin your content to your other boards that are relevant to the pin.


Have A Clear And Optimized Profile Name + Description

Now for your profile, you want to write a sentence or two that describes exactly what you do and also include keywords. Sticking with the email list example, I would want to include that:

“I teach email list building strategies to online entrepreneurs.”

Here you get a sentence that is keyword reach and explains exactly what I do and for who.

Also, you should include a website link to either an opt-in incentive to try and grow your email list, or just link straight to your website. I highly recommend including a link that leads to page that requires an email opt-in. Take advantage of the traffic coming to your website and build your email list from it.

For your Pinterest name, I recommend including keywords after your name. Take a look at my Pinterest name below. I have my name, followed by keywords that are related to my business. This will help boost your profile to be more searchable.



Now that you have these Pinterest strategies, go put them into action on your profile. All these tips will optimize your profile and start bringing in more traffic.


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