Why You Absolutely Need Pinterest For Your Business


If you’ve asked yourself, “How will Pinterest help my business?” don’t worry you’re not the only one. Most people think it’s only used to find recipes and cute outfits, but it’s wayyyy more than just that. I’m here to break it down for you about why you should be using Pinterest for your business.

As a blogger you want to write content that your community and the people you want to join your community will want to read. The more you write does not equal the more likely your article will be found on Google — or any other search engine.

Let me introduce you to a new way of thinking, where you focus more on quality articles rather than quantity and then promote promote promote. Pinterest will be your traffic driver; it will be your tool for promoting your articles. More traffic will lead to more conversions and so on.

Let’s get started…




If you’re not using Pinterest, then you are truly missing out.  Pinterest has 175 million users, which means plenty of opportunities for your content to be viewed. Many people don’t realize that Pinterest is a search engine just like Google. People are coming to Pinterest to search for something specific.

Whether it’s “tips to lose weight,” “guide to building a website,” ”how to start a blog,” and so on, Pinterest is a hub for valuable information.  

The way to master being found by your ideal client/customer/or whoever you’re trying to attract, is to use SEO (search engine optimization) tactics. Keywords are going to be your best friend on Pinterest.

Where should you use keywords?

  • Profile name (after business name/your name include 1-3 keywords that explain what you do)

  • Profile description

  • Board descriptions

  • Board names

  • Pin descriptions


Keep it simple and don’t overload the descriptions with 100+ keywords. Draft up 3-4 sentences that include keywords that someone might type into the searchbar in order to find the topic your post is about.




So now that you’re a SEO pro and know how implement it throughout your Pinterest account, you’re going to start seeing an increase in traffic to your website.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “How?”

If you’re doing the SEO game right, then your pins will more likely be found and people will click through to read about the topic in your pin. You’re going to want attractive pin images so when your potential follower sees it, they can’t help but click it.

Here are some quick tips for click-worthy pins:

  • Vertical images

  • Large readable text

  • Use bright, bold colors

  • Include a call to action, make them want to click!

  • Include image of an opt-in incentive (if there is one)

By having these amazing pins, people are going to start clicking and saving them and potentially following your board. Once they become a follower, then your pins are going to be showing up in their feeds leading to the potential for more traffic.

Staying consist with your pinning will help grow the following of your boards. You’re also going to be pinning other people’s content in order to show your followers that you’re sharing great content. This will allow you to stay consist with pinning everyday without having to create multiple posts a week to keep your account active.

I recommend pinning 20-30 times a day to keep your account active. Using a tool such as Tailwind will help you to do this quickly by allowing you to schedule your content way in advance.




Now you have all this traffic, so what are you going to do with it?

Grow your email list, that’s a must! Read here for reasons why you MUST have an email list.

Okay so here we go, your SEO is fire, your pin images are gorgeous, and the traffic is coming in. Once they get to your site, there has to be a plan of action. So why not build your email list so you can communicate with your followers through your newsletter and then eventually introduce them to some new products?

Hmm I can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t.

Traffic is coming through to your post that you worked so hard on about a topic you knew they would love. So how about give them a little something to download so they can refer back to all the amazing deets you just gave them.

Opt-In Freebies for the win!

At the end of each post, offer a free download that goes along with your blog content so you can capture their email for your list and they can keep your awesome content. It’s a win win!

They will most likely become a fan, because who doesn’t love free stuff? Make sure it’s valuable content! That’s super important. Definitely don’t put something out there for the sake of putting it out there. Make this free download so good that the people who download it love it so much they are wondering, “why the heck is this free?”

By giving away this amazing content for free, it’s a way to build trust with your following. Your content will help to solve the problem they are having, teach them something new, or provide value in some other way which will result in them coming back for more. The stronger the trust they have with you, the more likely they are to spend money on one of your products. Their mindset will be,”if I’m getting all this great content for free, then the paid content must be even more valuable!”

This is why when you use Pinterest strategically, the results are amazing.

Once you grasp the concept that people are on Pinterest looking for anything and everything, you’ll be able to strategically craft your pins so that they are found by the people you want to find them. This opens the door for more web traffic, a growing email list and more conversions!

So what are you waiting for!?  Get the Pinterest account created and start pinning!


Here’s a FREE check list that will help you get your Pinterest primed for more traffic.


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