Pinterest: How To Set Up Rich Pins


Pinterest is a great tool for driving traffic to your website. While many think of this as a social media platform for finding cool recipes and DIY projects, it actually operates as a search engine like Google.

Your target audience is constantly searching for information and with the right strategies they will land right onto your website. Creating pins and boards will allow your content to be accessible to the millions of users on Pinterest. Among these users are your ideal clients so you’re going to want your best chances at getting in front of them.

While there are plenty of strategies for setting up the perfect pin, knowing what a rich pin is will help your visibility. The main advantages to rich pins are: they automatically update with your website, they stand out and they make shopping or finding information on Pinterest easier.


What is a rich pin?

A Rich Pin is a way to increase the engagement from a pin by showing the metadata right on the pin itself. The metadata will show your name, icon and a link to your website in the pin which adds to your brand recognition and adds credibility to your pins.


How do I create a rich pin?

The process is super simple. All you need to do is apply and it takes less than 5 minutes. First go to Rich Pin Validator.

Go through the list of instructions to make sure your tags are in place in the original blog post. Then you just need to paste your blog post URL into the validation section which will submit your application.

Pinterest will get back to you once they have approved your application. Once you get the thumbs up you’ll be on your way to Rich Pinning and driving more engagement to your pins and website. You will only need to do this process for one blog post, not every single post.