The Ultimate Breakdown of Tailwinds Top 3 Features


This post does contain an affiliate link to Tailwind, I do get a small commission for anyone who signs up but I wouldn't be an affiliate if I didn't absolutely love the program :) 


Once I started using Tailwind for my Pinterest account, I started to see an increase in traffic to my website immediately. I had heard a lot about the program while reading online and decided to give it a try. That was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I started to really dive into the program and learn about all of its amazing capabilities and fell in love.

It helps make my life easier by allowing me to free up time to focus on other things, like putting out content like this :)

I wanted to dedicate a whole post to show off all the amazing benefits Tailwind has to offer.

If you’re thinking what the heck is this Tailwind app everyone is talking about on their blogs, then sit back relax and let’s get started.  


First of all, What is Tailwind?


Tailwind is a tool that allows you to manage your presence on Pinterest and Instagram. It has a full suite of marketing tools: Analytics & Monitoring, Content Discovery, Smart Scheduling, Promotion, Education, Tribes, Hashtag Suggestions and more!

Seriously, what don’t they do?

As of right now, I have only been using it for Pinterest and it’s already helped me out so much. Not only do I save time with all the features it offers, it’s showing me results.  

I want to talk about 3 of my favorite features from Tailwind. I think they’ll become your favorites as well :)


Smart Scheduling

This is the real game changer people. With this feature, you’re able to schedule pins to multiple boards at once AND choose when you want to pin it. You can set an interval of 1 day in between posts to spread them out, or you can wait even longer — it’s up to you.

Tailwind provides you with optimized times that tell you when your audience is online pinning and creates a pinning schedule for you. Take a look at the image below to get a better visual of what this would look like on your end.


Currently, I have my schedule at 16 pins per day. You can set yours to whatever you think works best for your audience. The dark green time blocks show the 16 best times of the day for my content to be pinned. The dotted green time slots are suggested time slots to add in if I wanted to post more content that day. On the back end, I will add pins to a queue which will then fill up these slots.

It would show up in your schedule like this:



This is how it would look empty, and as you fill up your queue you’ll start to see image previews.


To fill up these slots, Tailwind makes it super easy by providing a Tailwind Web Browser Extension that can be downloaded to whichever browser you’re using. You’ll have the extension available for whenever you come across something you want to pin. It could be from a blog post, a store, or directly from Pinterest.


You can also create your pins in Tailwind itself:

  • Upload the image you want to use

  • Select the board(s) you want to pin it to

  • Create a keyword rich pin description

  • If pinning to more than one board, set an interval so they are not all pinned at the same time

  • Click schedule

Select your boards

Select your boards

Set a pinning interval

Set a pinning interval

Add to Queue

Add to Queue

Viola. How simple is that!?


Next up I want to highlight the tribes.

Tribes is basically a group that shares content all related to the same niche. For example, if you’re in a tribe called Nutrition Tips, everyone in there is sharing content related to nutrition tips.

So what makes this so beneficial?

It helps to increase your repin rate.

Everyone in the tribe is there to share their own content, but also they now have a pool of pins to choose from to share with their following. Pinterest is more than sharing just your own content, you have to share others as well. So when you’re in a tribe, it gives you the access to so many pins related to the topics you’re already sharing with your following.

You can leverage each other's followings in order to grow your own. All you have to do is research topics you’re pinning about and request to join the tribe so you can experience all of the benefits tribes have to offer.


Before you join, you'll be able to see a tribe overview like the one above. You want to find a tribe within your niche that also has a high re-share and re-pin rate. 

Once you're in the tribe, you'll have your own set of analytics below the tribe overview so you'll be able to see how your pins are doing. 


Analytics & Monitoring

The third and last feature I want to highlight today is Tailwinds Analytics and Monitoring.

Pinterest provides its own set of analytics, but Tailwind… they go in on analytics. They provide you with so much insight down to the very pin itself.

There is a full section in the dashboard dedicated to analytics and monitoring.


I have the Tailwind Plus account so I do not have access to the Enterprise options, but you can see what they are in the shaded area above.

Each tab brings you to a full report that you can fully customize to get the right data you are looking for. As you can see in the tabs listed, you can look into your Profile Performance, Boards, Individual Pins, Website Traffic, Organic Activity and Referral Traffic.

This is all so useful when you’re developing your content strategy. With these insights you’ll be able to see which topics are doing best and use that to develop more content in that area.

With all of these features working together, there's no way you can't create a killer strategy and drive more traffic to your site.

Tailwind has a free trial for your first 100 pins and if you haven't already, you should definitely head over and play around with it. Once you get to know how everything works, you'll fall in love with the program.