What do I do if I never had a client?


Do I offer services for free?

In short, my answer is no.

I’m sure you’re going to read other places that you should build up your portfolio by offering free work. I disagree and have stayed far away from that concept.

Once you have determined what skills you're going to offer and what clients you're going after, it's time to work on your bait to get them.

My philosophy for starting out is to speak confidently, be honest with what you are able to provide with your skills and have a good presentation. By a good presentation I mean, have either a website or a nicely designed resume to provide potential clients.

First impressions are HUGE.

Think about it. You’re getting hired to work virtually for someone, meaning it all comes down to how you virtually present yourself to them. ‘Am I right?

Your potential client doesn’t need to know you work from a laptop in your bedroom in your favorite pair of sweats, with your hair in a messy bun. (The exact place and outfit I had on when I landed my first client).

They are going to go by only what THEY see. Catching on? So make this the main focus when you're getting started. Make sure you are visually presented as fully capable and qualified in the area you are marketing yourself in.

That being said, I do not advise over pricing either. Do some research in the area you are looking to offer services in and take into account the amount of money you need to make each month to not pull your hair out and live comfortably.

The process to land a client might take some time, but I strongly believe the time should be spent working on your pitch and landing clients rather than working for free.

Pitching yourself can be hard, but once you’ve done it a few times you’ll find your groove and the clients will be flowing in. If you need practice, try it on family and friends and see what type of feedback they can give to help craft the perfect pitch.

Alrighty, so I’m hoping now you’re feeling more confident about how to get started as a virtual assistant and how to use the skills you already have to market yourself.

Be sure to download this free worksheet for a list of virtual assistant services you can offer.