3 Reasons Why You Need To Start Building An Email List NOW


I bet you keep hearing things like, “oh, email is dead,” “social media is taking over,” and plenty of others that put down the power of emails.

Social media is a great tool, but DO NOT push email marketing to the side. This tool is extremely valuable and I’m going to explain to you why.

1. You Own Your Following

What I mean by “owning” your following is, there is no algorithm that can change your following and alter your list. The people on your email list opt-in to be there and can easily opt-out.

Social media on the other hand soley works on ever changing algorithms. At any point in time Facebook, Instagram and all other channels can change their algorithm, forcing you to come up with a new strategy to get in front of people. If one day Facebook shuts down, all your followers are gone with no way to get in touch with them.

With an email list, you always can reach your list in seconds with the click of a button. The subscribers to your list will forever be with you and can not be affected by any outside factors. Plus, the people on your list want to be there, so they want to hear what you have to say in your emails.

2. Better Communication

Emailing allows you to build a connection with your subscribers, which makes you able to create a sense of community with them. People are choosing to be on certain email lists because they want to be apart of the community and conversation you are creating.

You have the power to talk to your community at any time and build a relationship with them. Once you establish a sense of trust with them, this could help you sell you products and/or services much easier.

Emails allow you to provide a relationship way deeper than posting pretty pictures. You can open up and get personal with your business and really connect. Now-a-days, transparency is what people want to see, and putting those personal things in a email for only your following allows you to create the connection.

Also, having an email service provider such as MailChimp, ConvertKit etc., allows you to be strategic with your emails and build campaigns, sequences, funnels, etc.  You can run welcome emails, sales funnels, newsletters and so much more on autopilot. Once you create all your emails, you can build out the triggers for when they should be sent and you can have everything running on autopilot.

3. Better Conversion Rates

Social media ads can be great for reaching new audiences, but it can also get very costly to do so. Email campaigns do not cost you anything other than having an email service provider, which already is a huge benefit in my eyes for trying to get sales.

The standard conversion rate for social media is less than 1%, where as emails are around 1- 3%. These numbers vary depending on the industry, but in the end it’s emails that have the higher conversion rate.

This is due to the connection you build with your following through your emails. Once they get to know you, like you and trust you, it becomes easier for them to want to purchase from you. You just don’t get that connection with your social media following and you also can’t talk to every single follower when you want to. With social media, you have to hope that your message gets in front of them because of all the algorithms. With emails, no matter what, your message will get into their inbox.

In my opinion, I would focus on building my email list so that I can promote my products and/or services to my community. This way my efforts are going towards people who are already interested in my brand and are more likely to purchase something I’m offering because we have established a relationship.

Now you’re probably wondering how you’re going to build up that email list so that you can build this relationship.

Download this Free worksheet of list building strategies to help you work towards building your email list.

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